Sonya's Gotta Scream LIVE - Week 2

6:35 AM Astrid Hersey 0 Comments

Feeling lucky? I am. Tomorrow is July 7, 2007, that's right, 7-7-7. That has to be a good sign, especially after the week I have had. For tomorrow's show:
  • weekly rant: cell phones and psychos - that's two separate categories
  • global warming and record-setting temperatures
  • recent anniversary of Title IX and the continued discrimination against men's sports (yay) in favor of women's sports (yawn)
  • interview with Steven Geissler of Pacific Legal Foundation about Title IX lawsuit
  • TBD (that's what Friday nights are for, right?)
  • upcoming events around Western Washington
If you have any ideas/suggestions for sharing, please comment here. Thanks and happy listening: