Recap, Week 2

10:37 AM Astrid Hersey 0 Comments

Sorry for the delayed recap, but my presence was requested in bustling Boise, Idaho, for a packed house listening to arguments about a bird.

On the Week 2 show, we discussed market responses to consumer demands via Boeing's new 787, how that could be replicated in environmentalism, and the potentially disastrous effects of goverment-imposed price controls on gasoline.

Also, potential problems arising in lawsuits claiming global warming as the cause of injury.

Also, Title IX anniversary and how the statute aimed at ending gender discrimination in scholastic sports has evolved into blatant discrimination for discrimination's sake. This included an interview with Steven Geissler, PLF attorney, who filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Title IX via the Administrative Procedures Act. Kudos, Steven.

Then, there was a not-so-light-hearted rant about the death penalty. I don't believe it should be categorically denied or applied, but administered on a case-by-case basis - such as in the case of the 2 Florida teens who led a group of 10 into a woman's apartment, gang raped her, and forced her 12 year-old son at gunpoint to participate. Eliminate them from the gene pool....

Hero of the week? Bush for commuting Scooter's sentence against a predictably hostile response from the MSM. His only shortcoming was not pardoning him altogether.

Stay tuned for Week 3.

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