Boeing in the tank[er]

7:12 AM Astrid Hersey 0 Comments

I was so relieved today to hear that the professional engineers at Boeing reached a contract agreement, that's the SPEEA, for those of you not in the know. After all, their jobs are inherently dangerous and they desparately need protection against employer exploitation, even though they can't deliver a freakin' plane within a year of its original deadline. Union extortion!

This reminds me of THIS opinion piece and this comment:

Reading these comments are like watching my early years in Michigan. Living though unions and companys banging each other as if they were enemies and not having common interests. If any union member thinks they can get job security through a contract then they're not paying attention to GM, Ford and Chrysler workers around the country and the 30 year trail it took to get them there.
Many countries around the world demand we offset work, many have better skills and as a compnay we have to be prepared to be the absolute best we can in terms of cost, quality etc and use all of them. We have the best company in the world in terms of pay, benefits and jobs I for one don't need a contract to guarentee my job. Let me compete and I'll win every time. Why don't the unions in Seattle wake up and make sure that type of language is in place before someone at the top gets smart and closes Seattle for good. My guess is that decision is already being made. The Engineers up there are just as bad if not worse. Many of us in IDS can't wait until we start resigning these simple little people movers instead of the complex airframes we design.
A boeing senior manager